Digital Marketing: An Essential Element to Grow Your Restaurant Business

Digital Marketing An Essential Element to Grow Your Restaurant Business

In this tough competition era, tasty cuisines, decent ambiance, and affordable prices are not only the important parameters that you should consider to grow your restaurant business. Today, you just cannot rely on paper and word of mouth advertisement to gain your customers. You need to do the right marketing on the right platform.

As a restaurant owner have you ever thought why has digital marketing become so essential to grow your business?

As we all know, in this Internet-based world, digital marketing for restaurants has become the most essential ingredient to attract customers who are ultimately going to impact your business growth. Digital marketing creates a buzz in targeting customers online whose reviews will directly impact the reputation of your restaurant.

According to recent restaurant & food business surveys conducted on customers, nearly 75% – 85% of your audience look for your online presence and visit your restaurant online before they personally visit it. 

Online marketing for restaurants helps in targeting a huge customer base with affordable cost expecting a fruitful return on investment. Building an online presence is a core necessity to grow your business today. 

  • Like any other businesses; your restaurant business should have an account on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and if necessary on LinkedIn as well. Your account will automatically boost your customer count and online reputation.
  • An online presence will create a potential impact on your existing customers, gain new customers as well as retain your lost customers.
  • It will always help your customer to stay in contact with you regarding any complaints or grievance thus enhancing customer care, thus it becomes mandatory for your restaurant business to be virtually present online.

Have you ever wondered that 2023 has knocked your doors long back and still you are lagging behind in the growth marathon!

  • What is holding back your business?
  • How are you going to plan your digital marketing strategy?
  • Which is the best technique for your restaurant business?
  • Take a pause now and think where you are lacking!!

In this blog, we will uncover important strategies and techniques to do digital marketing for restaurants.

#1 Optimize your Business with Search Engine Optimization:

With the majority of your audience browse for products and services on Google and prefer ending up selecting those which rank high on the Search Engine Result Pages.

As a business owner, this should be your ultimate goal. In order to top in the SERPs, you should have a strong Search Engine Optimizing strategy.

  • An eye-catching website,
  • Unique and concrete content,
  • Multi-level user experience products and services and
  • Many other parameters in order to rank on SERPs. You can implement the complete SEO strategy by co-coordinating with your in-house digital marketing team or can seek the help of any digital marketing experts in the industry.

#2 Capture Attention of Your Audience on Social Platforms:

Absent on social media???

You can’t avoid your business to be on social media platforms anymore!

Presence on social media is a must but at last, it is on you to choose the right platform for your business.

  • Keep on posting images like popular cuisines,
  • Live performances & events,
  • Healthy quotes,
  • Contest & offers,
  • Customer reviews and other interactive posts to encourage brand growth.

The restaurant business pages tag their customers and friends by a comment which again calls for customer engagement. Posting and reposting the food and ambiance snaps taken by your customers is one of the best ways to maintain loyalty towards your customers.

For increasing your followers online, it is a necessity for your business page to be active and attractive. To integrate all the strategies, you need to do a thorough market analysis to understand your customer’s needs and also what techniques your competitors are implementing. This will help you to strengthen the root of your business throwing a unique impact on your customers.

#3 Promote your Brand through Influencers:

Reach out to local bloggers to talk about restaurant critics, new dishes, culture and ambiance of your restaurant.

  • Try conducting interviews and posting it in the form of a video to catch attention of the audience.
  • Invite potential personalities; mention them in your blogs and social media pages.
  • Connect to popular brands; collaborate with their products that you can use as a promotional asset for your restaurant.

It seems to be beneficial for each other’s business by cross-promotion. In this way you can widen your reach and increase your as well as others fan base.

#4 Highlight Uniqueness of Your Restaurant with Video:

Online video marketing is one of the trending concepts which have hiked in the current marketing scenario.

Half of the people spend their time watching videos on social platforms; this method has thus called out for a great opportunity for restaurant owners.

  • Avoid posting videos which is not related to your business.
  • Make them attracting and informative at the same time. Remember to post quality videos over quantity videos.
  • If you are targeting your audience on Facebook and Twitter create a video of 1 minute – 3 minutes,
  • In case if you are targeting them on Instagram and Snapchat post 15 seconds to 30 seconds videos and,
  • Lastly a little lengthy on YouTube as compared to other platforms.
  • Post videos related to restaurant culture, food atmosphere, events, behind the scene staff and kitchen activities video.

Make the video attractive and crispy to connect more with your audience following the basic video parameters.

#5 Personalize Offers to Your Customers through E- Mail Marketing:

How does it feel when someone sends special wishes to you on your birthdays & anniversary??

Happy!! Isn’t it?

Email marketing plays the role here!

Create your e-mailers to provide customized wishes and best deals to your customers. E-mail marketing plays an important role when the audience gets converted to your customers and then into a loyal customers.

Believe it or not this can be very impactful to gain trust of your customer!

#6 Start Writing Blogs:

Start blogging related to your restaurant business.

  • Let’s say write about the new cuisines added to your menu, events hosted for special occasions,
  • Any corporate programs or any other topic related to your products or services.
  • Remember to keep it updated on regular basis.
  • Try new ways of blog styles to create a voice and identity of your restaurant.
  • Write blogs so that your blog can reflect your brand identity and be the voice of your restaurant.

Just keep in mind if you are writing a blog keep it SEO friendly by proper keyword analysis which will be a possible factor to drive traffic to your website.

#7 Food Photography:

Lastly, showcase your food photography skills!

Click high-quality images of food, menu, restaurant atmosphere, customers, events and many more and publish them on your website, social accounts, e-mails, Google Ads, Google My Business Listings.

Capturing quality moments will create a unique brand identity to engage your audience which will retain your lost customers and will directly increase sales.

Hope our blog has proved beneficial for you! We are here to craft your digital marketing strategy and help your business to reach new heights. Get in touch with us to seek any further advice or solve any query.


I am Prakash, an entrepreneur, a skilled digital marketing consultant, a trainer, and a speaker.
So, if you wish to upskill your team, upgrade your digital strategies or leverage your brand presence on digital media, feel free to get in touch with me.

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